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New ServicesHello Everyone 🙂

Summer is officialy over but this doesnt mean anything as a new season starts and we are here to work hard for you and your marketing needs.

This is why i make this blog post today. To say something that a few know and a lot of you forget about it.



And by that i mean that not all of you are doing their marketing on the TOP websites like Youtube-Twitter-Facebook etc.etc. We got some requests from people to provide services on beatport, Vine and other networks that we never checked before. And this helps both sides because we provide a much wider portfolio of services with your help.

Both services almost work at the moment and soon they will be online. But if you need something else or you work everyday on a network that its not listed on our website feel free to contact us and let us know what you need there. 99% of the times we will be able to help.

Till next time i wish you the best and good luck with everything you are doing.

Have a nice day!




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