Twitter followers without following

Twitter followers without following

Twitter followers without following  Today i am going to help you and give some tricks and tips on how to get more Twitter followers without following other people.

Following other profiles is a great way to achieve followers but you know most of them just follow you because you did it to them so in the end if you have a brand to promote or a product to sell these followers are not worth so much.

Let’s see together some nice tips that can help you get more followers on Twitter.

1. Use images on your tweets

If you want to convert then this is the best way to do it. Tweets with images are always bringing more traffic than text only tweets. People love images and if you use the right ones then results will come fast to you.

2. Use hashtags

One of your ultimate weapons is the usage of hashtags. There are numerous websites online that can show you what hashtags are trending at the moment. Dominate them and be sure to check people following you back as soon as you build a nice name on some niches.

3. Get retweets

I know its hard to get retweets on the beginning of your journey but there are always simple tricks to achieve this. Simple things like “retweet this tweet if you love something” etc.etc. can help you boost your image and be more popular.

4. Interact with users

Ask questions, upload a quiz or make a poll. People love to interact and if one of posts become viral then in no time you will get enormous traffic to your profile.

5. Give your customers or audience what they are looking for

People followed you because you make nice posts and you are a nice guy but you have to give them what they want from you. Even if its a song if you are an artist or a discount if you are a company you have to give these things to them regularly so they stay there for long.

Hope some of use will get something from this post and to everyone please check your inbox in the next hours as our newsletter will launch soon.

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