Happy 2014

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Happy-New-Year-2014-12 Happy new year everyone 🙂

May this year be the best of your life so far.

With happyness and smiles on your beloved and families.

Have a great day and have fun tonight.



Twitter followers without following

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Twitter followers without following

Twitter followers without following  Today i am going to help you and give some tricks and tips on how to get more Twitter followers without following other people.

Following other profiles is a great way to achieve followers but you know most of them just follow you because you did it to them so in the end if you have a brand to promote or a product to sell these followers are not worth so much.

Let’s see together some nice tips that can help you get more followers on Twitter.

1. Use images on your tweets

If you want to convert then this is the best way to do it. Tweets with images are always bringing more traffic than text only tweets. People love images and if you use the right ones then results will come fast to you.

2. Use hashtags

One of your ultimate weapons is the usage of hashtags. There are numerous websites online that can show you what hashtags are trending at the moment. Dominate them and be sure to check people following you back as soon as you build a nice name on some niches.

3. Get retweets

I know its hard to get retweets on the beginning of your journey but there are always simple tricks to achieve this. Simple things like “retweet this tweet if you love something” etc.etc. can help you boost your image and be more popular.

4. Interact with users

Ask questions, upload a quiz or make a poll. People love to interact and if one of posts become viral then in no time you will get enormous traffic to your profile.

5. Give your customers or audience what they are looking for

People followed you because you make nice posts and you are a nice guy but you have to give them what they want from you. Even if its a song if you are an artist or a discount if you are a company you have to give these things to them regularly so they stay there for long.

Hope some of use will get something from this post and to everyone please check your inbox in the next hours as our newsletter will launch soon.

We speak again soon.

Good night to all.




New month is coming

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Hello everyone 🙂

This month is going to end soon and as always don’t forget to wait for my special offers at the first week of November.

Remember these offers are only available to my loyal subscribers and if you don’t want to miss them just be a part of them here.

parade_celebration_party_pig_cartoon_post_cards-r99f66ca623464078a4ccc4d6a7fe4a20_vgbaq_8byvr_512Our website turned 1 year old and we are going to celebrate this with some custom giveaways and epic offers!

We take your feedback very serious so if you have any ideas or you need a service that we don’t provide feel free to message us and we will do our best to find a solution for your needs.

Our plans for the next year

– Add as many services as possible to our arsenal.

– Provide even higher quality

– Provide support anytime/anyplace

– And many many more.

Again a big thank you for all orders and support so far and keep in mind that great things are coming 🙂

Have a great day all of you.

George T.


Request Your Service

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New ServicesHello Everyone 🙂

Summer is officialy over but this doesnt mean anything as a new season starts and we are here to work hard for you and your marketing needs.

This is why i make this blog post today. To say something that a few know and a lot of you forget about it.



And by that i mean that not all of you are doing their marketing on the TOP websites like Youtube-Twitter-Facebook etc.etc. We got some requests from people to provide services on beatport, Vine and other networks that we never checked before. And this helps both sides because we provide a much wider portfolio of services with your help.

Both services almost work at the moment and soon they will be online. But if you need something else or you work everyday on a network that its not listed on our website feel free to contact us and let us know what you need there. 99% of the times we will be able to help.

Till next time i wish you the best and good luck with everything you are doing.

Have a nice day!


Marketing on Twitter

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Marketing on Twitter

Marketing on TwitterTwitter has become a very common youth oriented platform like any other social media websites for almost everything which involves interaction with the public be it general public discussions, or public awareness or sales and marketing. Following are a few tips for successful marketing on twitter.
Being a public forum, twitter works on the concept of grabbing and seeking attention in the most exciting ways. And one effective way of building excitement would be to start an online twitter countdown which not only starts the process of advertising well in advance but also increases the curiosity level of people who have been following the countdown and anticipating the end result. Also, revealing the happenings behind the scenes and in the making incidences arouses the interest among spectators, thus proving to be an impressive marketing strategy.

In twitter, it is important to maintain personal connection and be interactive to keep customers involved. And, if you maintain a personality and authenticity vibrant enough to attract customers, then it can do wonder to improve your sales and marketing.

Also, your profile on twitter, if used optimally proves to be a strong marketing strategy. For instance, you can keep your company logo as the profile picture, use the brand name to handle the account, add the link of your official website in you twitter profile, and thereby use all these steps to create a strong online base of the brand. You can also use the same technique inversely by displaying the twitter logo on your official website so that people who have visited your website earlier can follow you on twitter and get easy updates.

Twitter-bird-sketchYou can use twitter to keep a check on the happening of your competitors by monitoring their comments and updates and hashtags and review the kind of feedbacks they get and use it for your benefit ethically.
Make sure that you partner with those who have influential accounts and a huge following on twitter to maximize your sales. If you are unable to keep yourself active then choose a partner who is active on twitter and has a good amount of supporters.

But above all you need to make sure that your goal, vision and objectives are clearly available for your followers and gives them clarity of action and operation. This will not only improve your sales through marketing but will also increase your credibility and will make you be regarded as a reputable firm.

See you next time all!


Website Marketing Tips

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Website Marketing Tips

Website Marketing is a professional field and it requires you to have skills, creativity, determination and strategy to be successful. There are several ways by which you can market your website for little or no cost at all, you dont have to spend a huge sum on hiring a professional marketing firm. Some of the most effective and inexpensive website marketing tips that you can use to promote your website are discussed below:

Website Marketing TipsLink Building
This is another effective web marketing technique as it allows you to attract people to visit your business website. The more number of people visit your site, higher the chances of the visitor turning into a customer. Moreover, link building helps in improving the ranking of your website on search engines, which in turn will bring more traffic. The key to link building is to look for other businesses related to your niche and comment on their blogs or articles and request the blog owner to swap your business website links. Thus, link building is a mutually beneficial agreement, you would get traffic from your competitor’s website.

Social media
urlIn the purview of growing popularity of social media platforms like FaceBook and Twitter, it is impossible to stay away from these tools to market your website. Today, more and more business owners are using these social media sites to promote their business. Since the social media sites have a huge audience base, it gives you a great opportunity to share your expertise in your business niche with them and also make some new friends. The key to market your website successfully on social media websites is to be SOCIAL. It is important that you don’t overboard with your website promotional activity, instead, you must focus on sharing your expertise and knowledge in the business with your new friends and within quick time you would notice a significant surge in your website traffic.

Banner Exchanges
Exchanging banners is an excellent technique to promote your website and driving targeted leads to your website. There literally thousands of banner exchange programs available on the internet, you can pick and choose the businesses that you want to exchange banner with. It is advisable that you pick only the popular and genuine businesses related to your niche for exchanging banners. Banner exchanging are not only good for increasing your web traffic but also they are an excellent way for earning more per clicks.
The above mentioned website marketing tips will not only help you achieve your marketing goals but also help you save thousands of dollars on marketing.

Have a nice day all of you!


YouTube Promotions

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YouTube Promotions

Youtube promotionsYouTube is a free video sharing website. It is very popular among internet users all over the world. Anyone who works, messages or just having fun on internet would love YouTube. People are always on the lookout for something new or interesting content on YouTube. Even the newbie internet users cannot resist clicking on the videos and the links to the best videos are passed around their friends circle.
YouTube is almost as important marketing tool as blogging or article writing. If you want to promote your YouTube and get more views, you must remember the following tips:

Avoid overusing Annotations:

It is good to have a couple of annotations in the videos. It adds a humorous touch to the video and makes it more informative. However, you must avoid over using it if you have annotation popping after every few seconds it would be very distracting for the people to be able to enjoy the videos. Moreover, people would not get the message you are trying to send to them. It is therefore advisable to keep the annotation limited in the video.

Ensure you upload quality content:

When you upload a video on YouTube make sure that the videos are of top-quality. A blurry video with poor quality will spell a death sentence to your video and all your efforts to promote it would be in vain. Although, a low quality video would help you upload it in quick time and decrease the video memory, you are not actually gaining any benefit from it. If you want good YouTube promotion, you can accomplish that only if you have a high quality video.

Do not Rehash the Videos:

While you are trying to accomplish successful YouTube promotions it is pivotal that you avoid uploading videos that rehash the older content. This is even more important if you are trying to promote TV commercials. Rehash content would do no good to secure any new views. You must always abide the thumb rule to provide new, fresh and interesting content to get more views.

Be Bold:

One of the most important things for successful YouTube promotions is never to be afraid. Apprehension is a potent force that keeps you from making money through internet marketing. To be able to promote yourself and reach out to people you really need to be out there. Simply having a video will not lead you anywhere, upload the video and be proactive in finding different ways to promote it so that you get maximum number of views.

Hope you enjoyed reading this weeks blog post and see you again next week 🙂

Faster Views C.E.O


Marketing My Business

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Marketing My Business – Using Social Media:

If you are small business owner or if you have just started you online business venture, you must surely be thinking how to go about marketing my business. One of the best ways to market your business effectively and reach out to your target audience is to use the power of Internet. There is no doubt that internet is a global phenomenon and having a presence online allows you to reach the global market and expand your business prospects.

The advent of internet has completely changed the marketing scenario. The various marketing tools that were sufficient in the past seem to appear obsolete today. Previously magazines, newspapers, television and newspaper were enough to create awareness about your product or services among the targeted audience but today the digital media is the best way to go forward with your marketing endeavor. One of the most potent marketing tools available today is Social Media.
Social media websites have become a rage today. Social media platforms like Twitter and FaceBook attract a large number of visitors worldwide. Although it is mainly used as a means to socialize, it can also be used promote your business, reach out to the millions of users and convert them into your potential customers.

Marketing My Business

If you are new to social media, you can start by creating your profile on Facebook and Twitter. Once you create your profile you can start building a network of followers. It is important that you avoid being overaggressive in your bid to market your business on these websites. There is a fine line between being a smart marketer and being a spammer. If you cross that line, no one would be interested in your business and your whole marketing endeavor would come a cropper. The key to successful marketing on social media is to be informative, interesting and sociable. You must try establishing a good rapport with the visitors and build a strong relationship with them. This will eventually make people curious to know about your business and they might as well subscribe to the services/products you are offering.

One of the biggest benefits of using social media to market your business is that you get optimum results with minimal effort and in lesser time. Moreover, you get the opportunity to build a vast network of people globally instead of just focusing on targeting the local audience. Not to mention, social media is cost effective and it keeps your business running 24/7.


Buy Instant Twitter Followers

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Buy Instant Twitter Followers

Buy Instant Twitter FollowersIt takes a great deal of time and effort to garner a meaningful following on Twitter. You need lots of patience for people to notice and adore you and during this time, you have to put in some dedication and be as active as possible.
However, if you don’t want to do it the hard way, you can make a small investment and instantly get Twitter followers without much hassle.

Well, all it takes is a simple search such as ‘Twitter accounts’ and you’ll get hundreds of services across the globe offering to get you instant Twitter followers in the hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands depending on how much you’re willing to spend. Usually, a mere $20 can net you anything from 1000 to 10,000 Twitter followers and some suppliers can even provide more. That’s simply a lot of Twitter followers and all in just a couple of days. And by the way, the more you’re willing to spend, the more followers you will get.

But we need to get one thing clear. Not all Twitter followers you’ll but are real users. In fact, most of the followers usually are non-existent and are simply accounts created by automated systems. In other words, most of the Twitter followers you’ll purchase are inactive.

So basically, these followers are about numbers. While they’ll mostly be inactive, you’ll benefit in the presence of large numbers that are what matter in the world of social networking.
If you’ve decided to buy Twitter followers, it’s important to avoid a ‘sudden explosion’ as this may ‘alert’ Twitter monitoring systems. Obviously, 20000 followers in three days will raise red flags. Worse, some unscrupulous services can offer 100,000 followers when you ordered 5000, so beware.

Till next time, enjoy your days with smile 🙂



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Hello and welcome to our website.

We are in the process of finishing all pages and put the paypal buttons inside so its 100% ready in the next days.

More blog post will come in the future with tips and offers for you to help you in your online journey so stay in touch.

Till then have a nice day and take care.